Collared Prey: A Gamebook for Adults

Author: logan.scodini
Version: 1.12 Public
Last Updated: 2017-10-14 18:04:24

Review by SVinter
Version reviewed: 2017.09.15 on 2017-09-28 15:54:37

Writing is good but the game play is slow. The reason why I say this is because of the fact you only get one single token from each chest. (As far as I have seen, thou the last hour has proved my comment) Which really causes you to basically stick around and do nothing but click sensely until you open the chest for one single bloody token. Which are required for plot advancement. 3/10 

Review by Lenae_Oyen
Version reviewed: 2017.09.15 on 2017-09-25 23:35:25

I'm glad to see this author at another property, this one that jumps into the action of TF a lot quicker. Gnerally speaking I'm quite fond of the content they deliver.

This rework, in its current state.  well, it needs A LOT of work.

Difficulty: This game could use a 7000% difficulty spike. The treasure chest game is impossible to screw up other than intentionally. Either increase the speed of the bar moving left and right to make it more difficult, or find a more engaging, challenging minigame format. 
The hunting scenes too, you can nearly escape without, literally, hitting a button. Sprint just a little bit and you're golden every time. 

I'm not sure why there's a clothing system. The idea of a penalty seems to be there because the hunters will disrobe you in addition to a text scene, but all you have to do is click through a couple of screens, without any risk, to get a completely free pair of clothes. It also doesn't seem to /do/ anything to be clothed. I'm hopeful that's simply because of how early in development this is but.... I would /REALLY/ suggest to the developer to rethink whether an apparel system is needed, or if they could better use their time working on the other aspects of the game. It just doesn't seem to add much with the current setup.

I also didn't seem to see any reason that the transformations....mattered? Like they were there if you lost in the traps, but the game didn't seem to respond to those changes, they were just superficial avatar changes.

My hope in writing this isn't to discourage development, but quite the opposite. I hope the developer will hear the call that the game's systems themselves need a bit more flushing out before the detailed work of bug-stomping or the addition of further story content.

Or at least, that's this particular person's take on the new changes.

Hope to play this again after a few updates! Go support this developer on patreon, they definitely work hard to deliver quality results, which is better for the community in general! :D

Review by Ramses
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-09-02 18:24:56

Great start, hope to see much more from this game :) if you have 8 cards you should have 8 capture scenes. Its not as much fun, because by the time you tranform you are broken. Even if you get away any time you are hit should turn you more into a bimbo. breast enlargment, ass, lips, air colors excreta. with being broken after 3 capture's  you are luck to have b size breasts at best and its so short you realy dont get to feel like you have been broken. Maybe a few more sex sceens then just blow job and ass, last sceen being all the hunters gang bang you would have a real reasion to feel broken .


Edit, Ok

I have played through this 50ish times over the  last few days. i did manage to get to D size breasts once by refusing to look for the last card. i see 2 ways to make this alot better. one as mentioned in frist post geting a tf everytime you are hit with the rife, But more importantly. refractoring the selfesteam loss would be a easy way to increase the  number of times you can be catured. Making the game last longer and be more fun over all.

p.s. I hope you stick with this game a bit longer. I would  love to see the hunters side to, but so many here have mutiple games going all that the same time and you have to wait forever if ever they update any of them. stick with this one its good if nothing else just add you becomeing the hunter if  you win to this game instead of making a new one.  

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-09-02 10:35:04

Not bad. On the first try I was broken in under five minutes from trying for freedom alone, but on my second attempt I wasn't caught once and made it through with ease.


Pity the breaking happens so quickly; I was gone the first time with very little transformations occurring other than mental changes. I expect this will probably be corrected over time as more is added in.


Keep it up.

Review by pingguo
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-08-30 14:28:59

Well, it is hard not to win your freedom. A little bit of patience is all you need.

Then it is next easy to get broken. Just do it all wrong and you are done within minutes.

The harder part is to NOT being broken and NOT winning your freedom before the physical changes take place. I guess making the 8th card too hard to get is one way to solve this. *evil grin*

Despite of needing work on the balance, I like this game enough to try out different approaches and giving a like.

Review by Trollsmyth
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-08-26 18:33:10

An excellent beginning!  Lots of neat little toys and the premise is straightforward; if you're into this sort of thing, this is a game for you.

It could use some expanding; more hunters with personalities, more changes as you're slowly transformed, maybe vary the transformations based on your actions in the game.  I wouldn't mind other things to interact with in the game; perhaps other prey that might try to steal your belongings or traps.  Expanding the sex scenes (based on how far you've transformed, for instance) would be a big plus.

Review by tyrantGorilla
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-08-26 10:07:58

The game certainly shows potential, and I greatly look forward to playing later versions in the future. Unfortunately, there isn't much to really see at the moment, in terms of real sexual and transformation content. As far as I could see, there were only two different sex scenes, and the wording is very unclear as to whether you actually complete the transformation of a certain body part at a certain point, because by then, either by glitch or design, your self-esteem rating cannot increase sufficiently to prevent a Game Over no matter how many RFID chips you find. Also, if you want to actually get that far into the transformations, you have to do constant water & equipment checks to keep self-esteem from plummeting, and save-scumming to avoid hunters; very tedious, overall. I recommend subscribing for updates, but as it stands, this is less of a beta game, and more of a combat simulator with some sexy bits attached.

Review by Zer0zero
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-08-26 07:57:57

I hope this is in the early stages of development because its actually got some real potential! As it stands with just a RNG on finding something or not and getting chased by the Hunters.. it has a very low replay value.  Especially when you consider that its supposed to be naughty and there are exactly two sex scenes (that I could find on 3 plays).



Add more sexy scenes and maybe some strategy based options to the RNG and you have yourself a really good game.

Review by Notsureifgood
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-08-26 01:23:41

While this game does have potential, it seems much too difficult to get transformed at the current point.  The game is so easy to win that you have to work to lose--and with the current transformation rate lagging so far behind the mental corruption rate, I wasn't able to get beyond b-cup even wtih painstaking effort.

Review by Sapphic
Version reviewed: 001 on 2015-08-25 23:49:20

Intresting start, I would really like to see more added to it though since it seems to be bare bones as of now.