Free Cities

Author: FCauthor
Version: 0.10.7
Last Updated: 2017-09-12 21:02:22

Review by Sara98
Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 2017-10-19 03:26:28

When a update where if we play has female, we can be able to get pregnant?

Review by lilbomb20
Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 2017-10-12 07:29:49

Maybe consider having a school for the children, or at least being able to access them.

Review by Legionnas
Version reviewed: 0.10.7 on 2017-09-18 10:35:40

So far the game is excellent to play and very interesting.

there seems to be some sort of bug with the rule assistant system that keeps popping up ever time its used no matter what I try except for not using the rule assistant system which is annoying because that would mean having to go through each and every one of your girls to apply the right changes manually. here is one such example
SOURCE: Free Cities v

"Rules Assistant"

$XX=null, $XY=null, $implanted=null, $modded=null, $old=null, $pure=null, $slim=null, $stacked=null, $unmodded=null, $young=null

$XX=null, $XY=null, $encyclopedia="Personal Assistant", $implanted=null, $modded=null, $nextButton="Back to Main", $nextLink="Main", $old=null, $pure=null, $r=1, $slaves={"1":{"currentSummary":0},"3":{"currentSummary":0},"4":{"currentSummary":0},"8":{"currentSummary":0},"11":{"currentSummary":0},"12":{"currentSummary":0},"13":{"currentSummary":0},"18":{"currentSummary":0},"21":{"currentSummary":0},"24":{"currentSummary":0},"25":{"currentSummary":0}}, $slim=null, $stacked=null, $unmodded=null, $young=null

Review by Dragon_ANGL
Version reviewed: 0.10.6 on 2017-08-10 19:54:34

A very excellent game. 4.5/5, if only because it isn't "finished" yet.

I don't know why I haven't reviewed it yet, it is. It's a sandbox game, meant to encapsulate just a few years before an apocalyptic event - the last few years of the Bubble, Living the Dream as it were, before a horrendous Great Depression that humanity might not make it out of. YOU (the PC) are never directly seen, this helps cut down on complexity (which is okay) and helps it be YOU the player, aiding with roleplay. Granted, it assumes that you are fit and smart enough to keep the arcology running.

Each arcology is a miniature city of its own, whether out in the countryside, in the midst of a decaying metropolis, just offshore like one of the few artifical islands currently around, or anchored to the sea bed, far out at sea. Each location has its benefits and consequences, so if you prefer lower slave costs, go Urban or Rural, but if you prefer high social independence, offshore or oceanic is the way to go.

As you develop your reputation, you can help lean the society of the arcology to what your slave ideal is: Hucows, youthful or mature, pregnant slaves or buttsluts, and so on. One important thing to note, is that ALL slaves are regarded as female. 'Bitches' and 'Sissies' are females, as well as musclegirls, girlcows, and MILFs, even if they have a cock. Personally, I tend to go for Paternal, Arabian, Pastoral, Asset, and Purity, since there are 5 society chances maximum, and some negate another society choice (Youth and Mature choices are opposed, for example).

Different types of transformations are allowed, whether you prefer implants, growth hormones, and/or surgery.

Different events are within the game as well, from Random Non-Individual Events (dealing with the arcology as a whole, or your interactions with the arcology), to Random Individual Events (dealing with you and your slave(s)), to Scheduled (storyline) events.

Speaking of the storyline, there IS an overarching line. The arcology you are part of (spoiler, highlist to read) will come under attack several times. Keeping cash available for options and events is highly recommended, as well as upgrading your arcology.

Yes, the game is in Beta.'s also in constant development, from the main creator as well as many modders with the GitHub, of which the main creator occasionally adds in to the main game, so the player doesn't need to go collect all the mods on their own - that said, the added content has a toggle ingame.

Lastly. For those with bug reports, suggestions, or other comments, the blogspot is a much better place for them than here, as the creator has stated.

Review by Silver1
Version reviewed: 0.10.6 on 2017-08-10 18:33:29

  A very cool game, i spend days playing it, also its very customizable too, you can change much stuff to fit the player taste, well done.

Review by Cadmea
Version reviewed: 0.10.5 on 2017-08-07 11:31:20

As always, great game. 


The newest update apparently bricked the cash system however. 

Review by trostol
Version reviewed: 0.10.5 on 2017-08-06 14:15:07

great game...very city buildingesque ...but rep got broken and none of the pics worked...looking forward to the next update!!!

Review by werty54321
Version reviewed: 0.10.5 on 2017-07-22 06:44:48

Can you change the "bimbo" description in the game to the classic one? By the way, can you add a non-cheating way to remedy mindbroken slaves?

Review by Adamwest69
Version reviewed: 0.10.4 on 2017-07-08 11:36:39

I really like this game. It's simple, yet complex, and it keeps me entertained. I have been playing it for about a year now and it's one of those games that keeps me coming back. I like the fact there are regular updates with real content. I would love to see bestiality added, but I'm not sure if the author considers that extreme content or not. Anyways, it's amazing and I recommend it to all perverts.

Review by DTainted01
Version reviewed: 0.9.10 on 2017-03-28 16:11:54

I've been following this game for close to 2 years now, and I keep coming back to it, long after other games have bored me.

The story is good, the UI manageable and very customisable, and it certainly helps that the author has consistently been updating it all this time.

I've only just started playing 0.9.10 but I allready love the changes compared to 0.9.6, which was the previous version I played.


KEEP IT UP DUDE, you're making a lot of people happy judging by the number of likes :) :)

Review by d101232
Version reviewed: 0.9.8 on 2017-02-28 03:23:08


but i do have some suggestions for the game

such as a cow bikini with a headband that as horns and cow ears attach to it and to go with a cow tail butt plug <- this could go with the cowbell collar that's already add and the bikini top can leave the nipples expose for milking(doesn't have to thought) 

another is a eastern outfit ie a kimono and/or china dress to go with the western outfit

thirdly a sultty cop outfit sense there is a school girl a nurse and maid outfit even business suit this just seams to fit

and finally a growth drug for height and maybe vagina because we already got boobs butt lips clit dick balls why her height makes it easier than surgery

especially when get a slave that's one cm tall 

oh and one more think i don't personally need it but for the people who do a imperial system option ie feet and inches


Free city is awsome the game well made the writing is execellent

the opinions between one hand and two and is nice and handy for those who just want to play to jerk off  

and those who want a slight business/economics simulator with there pornographic game

if there anything really missing from the it would be pictures al least for the events i was thinking of silhouette drawings of whats going on ie detailed or semi-detail backgrounds

silhouette people but that's just me other than that the game is really well made i'll give it a five star rating across the board


i have a few more ideas for free cities 

firstly a forthel (cafe +  brothel) which is a think somewhere in the states that could be something and could work

and secondly maybe more personnal assisant upgrades such as the sex mashine having arms a head set and can fuck like a real person



Review by WayneZero
Version reviewed: 0.9.8 on 2017-02-19 07:48:00

i really love this game rhis game is one of the best games on this site

Review by pmotpm
Version reviewed: 0.9.8 on 2017-02-14 06:15:42

This game was really great as a management game. It also really made me think about my morality. It gives you the opportunity if you take a few minutes to think about the actions you're performing.

Review by RedGhost
Version reviewed: 0.9.6 on 2017-01-31 11:27:12


It has been a long time since my last review (v0.4.1) and to date I am still amused by how often I find myself losing hours on this simulation.

It is an interesting dom/sub sim-game that is based around the idea of gathering slaves to your cities complex, then medically modifying and using them however you see fit. There are some minor bugs that crop up, but it's a beta game and the regular updates do keep this to a minimum; it is also expected because the coding behind this game is getting extremely complex.

On the surface the game has A LOT of options but once you've been through the current random encounters and world scenarios happening around your cities complex, the game turns into a mindless (but impressively addictive if you let it) dom/sub control game. For me this is usually around Week 120 in the game now as I keep having to start from scratch when my old save game is invalidated, but it's still a very impressive game length.

With the recent addition of excellent rendered images (and promise of more to come), I am extremely impressed by the progress of this game project since my last review. This is one of the Top 3 sim-games here at the TFGS and that is not a statement I make lightly.

Strongly recommended.

Review by Eunoia247
Version reviewed: 0.9.6 on 2017-01-31 01:08:25

I love this game, one of the most replayable games on here and each update brings better and better content and optimization.

I've definitely spent a lot of time going through and managing my stable of slaves and the events and triggers help keep it fresh. An extremely well flushed out game it's always a lot of fun and I'm very impressed with the time and effort that went into making it, definitely beyond what I am currently capable of doing.


Review by foxymrk
Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 2017-01-08 03:31:36

I love this game so much. I've spent so many hours playing and re-playing it. It's fantastic. I've loved seeing how it's developed so far, and im excited to see how it evolves in the future. The one thing I would ask the author for is a scene or two involving getting fucked by a slave. The game does mention mistresses who do this, but the pc is not able to.

Review by kithrin
Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 2016-12-14 12:29:48

are all the errors i'm getting simply becouse game incomplete? i get big pop up after every week and messeges saying something like it cant find variables often IN the text

Review by Leareth
Version reviewed: 0.8.12 on 2016-11-28 02:29:16

I absolutely love this game, but I noticed that I can't send a slave to the Confinement Cells, even after I appoint a Wardeness. Disapointing, that.

Review by mysteriousforce
Version reviewed: 0.8.9 on 2016-10-25 20:08:24

This is basically a sandbox game which is surprisingly fun. You can buy slaves, transform them to suit your needs, put them to work or sell them. You can also sell none at all and hoard them all for yourself while making money through other means as you're also an arcology ruler. The universe is pretty deep and well thought through. There is also a country of birth+race attached to each slave so you can get into a race-play, nationalism or something like that (I wish there was a way to set Player Character's enthnicity) by turning your arcology to Israeli supremacy Degeneration ideology :).

One thing I don't understand though is how children and pregnancy work here. I haven't played a game long enough to see the grown-up children of my slaves (are they even implemented?) and I cannot see the underage ones although in-game help says that such children are raised at schools where they are brainwashed and put on right hormones which I'd like to be able to do. 

Overall its a good game, with some bugs, but if you encounter them either they're either harmless or can be quickly fixed by loading at game start . Also the whole probably carefully balanced money system goes down the drain because of the ease of making money.

How to get billions of money on week 1:

  1. sell a couple of arcology shares (5% is enough)
  2. buy max fuckdoll (market rises immediately, prices jumps)
  3. sell all fuckdoll (market crashes immediately, prices lower)
  4. goto 2 until you have enough money

After first ~10 iterations it becomes buying at 1000, selling at 1600 which means your money grows 1.6 times each iteration.

I suggest removing market reaction to your actions or at least delaying it till next week, also capping the amount of stock slaves (menial, fuckdoll, reactor) you can have, its weird having a million fuckdolls when your whole arcology houses ~2k people and ~3k slaves.

Review by solomon03
Version reviewed: 0.8.9 on 2016-10-23 18:12:01

This is an unbelievably complex game with tremendous reply value. The sheer amount of writing that has gone into this is mindblowing... but of course that doesn't matter if the game isn't hot and/or fun. I'd say it's definitely hot, with lots of options, random scenes, and events for every taste. It's kind of up to the player to create their own fun, since there isn't currently a ton of challenge or end-game. If you like sandbox-type games, it's fun. If you're looking to be spoonfed action, you probably won't like it.

Review by mjw12180
Version reviewed: 0.8.9 on 2016-10-22 19:42:48

@Legionnas idk the exact days but I'm pretty sure that it gets updated every 7-10 days. Pretty sure.

Review by awaitingu2001
Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 2016-09-23 08:40:56

are we supposed to get stuck in a loop at the time a girl gives birth, or am I doing something wrong?

Review by aattss
Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 2016-09-21 22:53:01

Very fun. Very complicated too. There were these errors about oral count or something. And commas would help, because I thought something costed 5000 but it ended up costing 50000, and that's how I lost my first playthrough.


Just like in real life, having sex with someone who doesn't like you won't necessarily make them like you more. And in other ways, people are more realistically not that eager to become parts of your fantasy.

Review by hellfire45
Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 2016-09-18 21:01:37

Hi great game but I don't know if it's just mine or  something but the personal attention sceen is gone or moved don't know if you could do something about this

Review by ares76
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2016-08-25 19:53:44



 well, the latest updates look great!!...but, i'm still unhappy about the random way the bodyguard is killed. I know that the game offers few slaves with high health and combat skills along the way, but the choices to buy one slave of my liking and train him to become a strong enough bodyguard are so damn limited!!!, I have to say, too many times I'll go on with the game not even bothering with a bodyguard....what's the point of that?






Review by tf1394
Version reviewed: 0.8.2 on 2016-08-23 02:10:41

Started playing at 10:00, got up to go to the bathroom, was 2 o'clock 10/10.

Review by fusionrunner
Version reviewed: 0.8 on 2016-08-08 20:41:20

I have to agree with some of the other reviewers, this is one of the best/better management style games on this site, and has plenty of variable playthrough options, including the NG+ option.


As for 0.8. There is one bug that I noticed, when you finally get into the base overview, where you see the slave listings; for me, the list has dupicates of all the starting slaves, minus the individual(s) you add for your playthrough. Otherwise there hasn't been many other issues yet that haven't been noted by others.

Review by Klotidlak
Version reviewed: 0.7.11 on 2016-08-04 04:01:12

Sorry, I did not like this game, though it is probably all right for most people here. Please take this only as feedback for improvement, not a personal critique.

* Overwhelmed by choices - the first to distract me from experience.

Game itself is in text format for which adding a big load of choices really doesn't help. For graphical interface this might be ok, but even there one must tread carefully.

* To what end - how should I progress?

I got it, it is a management game, and you simply enjoy world and process of managing your slaves that produce profit for you and world generates stories for you. Anyways some shortterm goals or development of game to maybe, in the end, having some sort of release event would be nice.

* Interface is not helping - it's more like reading the manual

Probably the biggest improvement can be made here, as it has the chance to mitigate the impact of overally complex game design and unreadable goals.

Though certainly substantial effort has been made to document and highlight types of interactions that you can make, learning the game is not incorporated in the gameplay, making player read some set of instructions and then follow up on them in separate window.


Overally too complex and that complexity is painfully exposed from the start. Missing intermediate goals, making for mechanical gameplay. Tutorial not coupled with gameplay. That would be all.

The game surely has positives to if you care long enough to play it and discover them. I, for once, did not. Sorry.


Review by TheeSpongeman
Version reviewed: 0.7.10 on 2016-07-29 18:50:30

Reputation is bugged up the butt! If you cap it, you get stuck with $rep which apparently means 0 to the game. And then your stuck with it.

Review by LordXorph
Version reviewed: 0.7.9 on 2016-07-25 14:19:06

I've been following this game for a while and I think it's terrific. One of the best management games I have ever played. The game is beautifully detailed and updated regularly, and the creator is very active in incorporating players' feedback and suggestions.

A few lingering bugs remain, but these hardly detract from the beautiful playing experience. Well worth a playthrough or twenty!

Review by Malhavok
Version reviewed: 0.7.9 on 2016-07-21 10:34:58

I really like this game and have spent hours and hours playing it for the last several weeks. It's fantastic that it updates regularly and while I do appreciate the new content (particularly the UI improvements which are definitely helping) I find the game just slows down too much and quite quickly too. 

You really need to either do some mad optimization, probably moving code out of Twine's processing layer and down to the global JavaScript space, or you need to look at another engine that scales better. I mean, heck this is an HTML browser game and I'm running it on an I5 with 16GB of ram. It shouldn't get this slow over time...


Review by Sualocin
Version reviewed: 0.7.9 on 2016-07-19 21:25:25

Review by lebutcheker
Version reviewed: 0.7.6 on 2016-07-01 16:51:40

Hi FCauthor,

First of all let me say that i've really enjoyed the game so far and that i hope that you continue its development, it has a lot of content and customization for an alpha.

Now i would like to report some things i found:


When playing as a female slaver, i had some female concubines exclusively for my pc that were never asigned to other tasks, yet i keep receiving notifications at the end of week like " this slave has learned that her role is to please a man" or "your cock spreading heat through her core" or " she now likes men" and stuff like that, they also are able to get pregnant like this.


Best regards!.

Review by subhuman
Version reviewed: 0.7.4 on 2016-06-26 19:55:35

First off I'd like to say that this game is simply fantastic. Yes it is an alpha but already it has an amazing amount of content. The control over the characters in this game is phenomenal and every "dominants" wet dream. The only thing that put me off was the lack of streamlining. I felt it was a little bit of a struggle to get the slaves were I wanted each week. That being said the author tries to address this issue through multiple methods and makes the game much more enjoyable as a result. This is evident through the various buildings you can invest in. All in all I'd give this game an 8 out of 10, because hell it's an amazing game and I encourage everyone of means to donate to this author so that we can see the full version as fast as possible.

All the Best,


Sorry for the various mistakes English is my second langauage.   

Review by Sophia_Raven
Version reviewed: 0.6.6 on 2016-04-07 03:04:10

Honestly, I'm not usually into slave management games - or games that force the player into a dominant role; but FC is an exception, it is so well-made both in concept and execution, that its worth playing. The number of customization options allows (much better than the earlier versions), allows the player to set up the game to their liking, in term of the player character, the slaves, and the available content. Since it is still an alpha version, there are quite a few issues that still need to be adressed, but I trust the writer/developer to get it all fixed eventually - many issues of previous versions have already been taken care of, and I'm rather impressed with the frequency of new updates (unlike practically every other game on this - and many other sites).


I kinda fear, that this game, like so many others will be discontinued at some point, because the writer looses interest, or runs out of inspiration, or has RL things to deal with - which would be a pity, because, not only is this a great Alpha stage game, but it has so much potential for becoming something epic, quite possibly the best game of its genre.


Some things I would like to see in the game, though (but of course that is up to the writer): 

- More varied sex scenes, particularly when playing a female character (which I always do), it would be nice to be on the receiving end of a cock/strap-on, rather than giving it, but I understand why that is not a priority for a male writer. As there are already consequences to playing female, perhaps random events could be written, where a female character experiences some kind of ridicule/penalty from the misogynistic society - perhaps male business owners will refuse to deal with a woman - or think they can cheat her, or offer unfair prices for slaves. Would even be pretty cool, if as a female, the player had to deal with men coming on to her (possibly groping or trying to rape her), in which case having good security would be an advantage.

- Arcology customization: There's already quite a bit of stuff here, but its not particularly well-coded (sorry); for one thing, every room you can add costs either 5000¤ or 10000¤ + upkeep cost, would be nice if the price varied depending on which room you choose to build - and if you could start the game with one or more rooms already built (like you start with a random slave and possibly bonus cash).

What really bothers me with the rooms, though, is how placing slaves in a room practically removes them from the game - I mean, they're still there, and you can still interact with them, but they don't show up in the End of Week report, and (in my experience) only rarely show up in random events. Its also a bit annoying that placing them in certain rooms alters their appearance automatically, such as increasing breast size in the dairy - or especially the slaves placed in the Head Girl's room.

- Body size restrictions: Not everyone agree that bigger is better when it comes to endowments, and I, for one, find ridiculously large breasts and butts to be a turn-off - so I would like to see an option added, to keep endowments at a moderate size (DD or less), much like one gets the option to restrict extreme content or sissy content.

- Game Over: I understand that the writer doesn't seem interested in the player being submissive in any way, but it would be nice to have a bit more detailed Game Over screen; possibly describing how the player is enslaved, and what kind of slave they become (could be random, or based on the social direction of the community)


And of course, I'd like to see more random events and content, and less repetition (which is already in the works, as I understand it).


Please bear in mind, that the things mentioned above are just the few thoughts/ideas I have had, while playing the game, and meant as constructive critism for the writer - most of the game, and the style of the game, is great as it is.


I give it 4/5 stars - and the fifth star is missing only because the game is currently in development - I'm fairly certain, that once completed, this game will rate 5/5.

Review by Mr.E
Version reviewed: 0.6.5 on 2016-04-02 17:22:46

Thanks for giving us the option to opt out amputees (fucking a girl with no legs... for me, is like fucking with a garbage bag)

Review by Zao
Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 2016-03-20 15:33:41

I like this game, and I want to like it even more; but it gets more complicated and less fun with every update. I feel like it forces you to, or dissuades you from, doing certain things in order to merely survive, even on the easiest difficulty. The beginning is easy enough, but a few dozen weeks in and making a weekly profit becomes almost impossible between random event, the "rival", and the assinine weather system. I hope Free Cities will become worthwhile to play again one day, but until then there are a myriad of better games on my list that are more worth my time.

Review by Freebird
Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 2016-02-14 20:08:51

I'm quite a fan of the game as it currently stands. Lots to do, many options, and many fetishes are catered to. However, as it currently stands, I have a few things I'd like to see added or changed for personal taste, although I do not know if the author intends for such things to be implemented.


The biggest thing for me would be more descriptive sex scenes. I do not expect images with games like this, but I find higher enjoyment in descriptive sex scenes (something to possibly outsource?)


Possibly also a tutorial, as it currently stands, it can be hard to realize where certain things are, or what certain options do.


The only other thing of thought would possibly adding a storyline or possibility of letting your head girl become more than just your favorite or most experienced- possibly allowing her to be an "equal" who could weigh in on decisions, or have a more personal story with you.

Review by icepixie8
Version reviewed: 0.5.10 on 2016-01-12 19:50:43

When I decided to take a look at this I figured it would be just some kind of Slavemaker knock-off.  I was wrong.


Of course this is still a slave game, but Free Cities plays very differently than Slavemaker and I found myself sucked into hours of enjoyment with plenty of fun still to be had.  It is well written and the post-apocalyptic setting is well represented by the writing.


The variety of options and things to do keeps the player entertained for quite some time, and it can appeal to a variety of tastes as well.


I don't know if more work is intended for this game.  While more options and choices would be wonderful, the game does feel like a complete game.


If you like slave-style games, give this one a look.  It's worth it.

Review by Zer0zero
Version reviewed: 0.5.10 on 2016-01-11 19:14:01

Its a metric ton of data.  The screen practically explodes with 1995 looking BBS adventure/management interface.  Its a bit heartless and dry and lacks actual character though so if you are looking for a fleshed out descriptive world with elegant lines of text describing the landscape and drawing you in - keep looking.  Also - the sec scenes are WAM BAM this happens that happens move along--- all fixable, but I'm judging it on whats currently available.

Review by aadajo
Version reviewed: 0.5.7 on 2016-01-01 22:59:08

Wish there was some more sex content in discribing how the sex goes like Corruption of Champions does.


That would be awesome

Review by darth123
Version reviewed: 0.5.6 on 2016-01-01 06:09:28

I really enjoyed this game. Spent a few hours on it.


I can't wait to see what else is added.

Review by Beornwahl
Version reviewed: 0.5 on 2015-12-09 13:49:31

I was extremely surprized with the amount of content and attention to detail in this golden bucket of goodies.

Therre is a wide range of fetishes that you freely can pursue. And by adding custom npc's the scope keeps growing.

Though the lack of pictures might be a wise design choise (letting the imagination take over) adding a pictures could expand the fan-base greatly I believe.

Review by Thtoneguy
Version reviewed: 0.4.10 on 2015-12-05 03:07:17

This is probably one of the best twine games I've ever played. Fcauthor updates at a ridiculous rate and is generally very understanding about things such as adding in fetishes. Further jjustabout everything is ttoggleable or avoidable so you seldom see things that don't appeal to you. Each game is a new harem and a new expression of who you are as an arcology owner.

Review by FlexibleFly
Version reviewed: 0.4.10 on 2015-12-01 11:38:22

Really good game, the amout of descriptions and content greatly take down the fact that It's a Twine game.

Good job to the author for the amout of work he put into his game!

Review by YttriumDervish
Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 2015-11-11 10:40:21

Because my review will likely be tainted by my own personal quirks, let me begin with stating that I prefer muscular women and the growth thereof, and generally dislike most other fetishes. That being said, I do enjoy a good sim, and as far as I'm concerned this ones takes the cake. My main appreciation is the HTML format; being able to pop on my phone or tablet and fiddle for a while is a definite boon. I also appreciated the inclusion of my fetish, and though brief (as expected), its appearance at random times kept me hooked through the early stages of the game.

As the other reviews have stated, this game is both addicting and grindy; I still haven't completely maxed the add-ons for the arcology, and even being bored with servile sex hasn't dissuaded me from completing it, and I intend to start again once this truly has nothing left to accomplish. Placement of slaves based on their skillset is a fantastic implementation, and I feel I could do as I wished and still maintain Exalted thanks to my hand-picked courtesans. It is that level of subtle detail that moves this from simple fetish porn into the realm of an actual game. The auther calls it a semi-beta, and reviewers continue to agree, but I personally feel, aside from ironing out a few kinks (double pun not intended), the game need only a conclusive statement to be complete, which it very well may have.

The only serious issue I've encountered (aside from random faults inherent with this many options) is when assigning a "mindbroken" slave to a supervisory position. I had one as my milkmaid, and upon ending the week, got the standard "can not serve" message. However, when I tried to remove her, she was gone, and could not be found. I later learned that she would appear if I assigned someone else to her job, but it was distressing for a moment, and the removal option should either be automatic or allowed as normal.

I also had a cow go missing. She was healhy when I placed her (they all are), but then one day I'm down to four cows with no explaination. I also had a slave "die", although the message didn't indicate this; she was rebellious and had to be broken, and when that was successful the message reflected as much, but the next day she, too, was gone.

Overall though, fantastic Twine game with minimal major bugs, ample playthrough but not as extremely detailed as some would like, and full of a verisimilitude of fetishes, though they scratch only the surface.

7/10, which in my mind is rather impressive for a game no one considers complete.

Review by bormoth
Version reviewed: 0.3.10 on 2015-10-29 14:22:28

Well first, there are would be fun if there were more descriptive envents. I pretty liked one with guard comming for your slave. The game is mostly choose regime and click next week button. Has no balancing as in jack of nine tails. Not necessary bad, but something should give reason to play.

Which brings to other things. Most choices are there sometimes have 1 event, then hinder you all the time. Like what reason to lobotomize remove teath(ok this one maybe is), or amputate. There is no visible impact except negative, slave becomes less useful, so there should be good reason.

Most items are from almost useless to useless. (ok some allow break faster, but not several things doing the same, same goes for restrictive.) Even shock colar just mentioned but never used, which maybe appears in later development cycles. Like what purpose of chastity belt, what for latex suit. Some random events could be good enough incentive.

Most interesting item if you ask is smart piercing. But still only thing what it does, is slowly changes kink. It has no effect in events, you can set vaginal, and when you install during tests, it shows, but after that, you may set vaginal, and fucke every where but there and no implecations what happening and reaction.(And how fun it would be to put slave in her place, by doings stuff to her she knows she would be punished by soulles machinery.

IT would be nice to see some of wear suiting for some tasks more, and plus some events that may happen if slave has wear.(both negative and positive)

Review by Ramses
Version reviewed: 0.3.08 on 2015-10-26 07:55:31

Got every thing working down and have played it a number of hours. I have to say its vary good on descriptions/customizations, but its missing interactions/feelings. Hard to explain I guess the best in game example is if you have one of the girls work as public servant or in the glory hole it gives a small description of how many times she's had sex and what happened to her during the week so you at least get an idea of what she went through. Would love to see that expanded to other areas so you could for example check what happened in your brothel, dairy, promenade, or servents.

Review by razajin
Version reviewed: 0.3.07 on 2015-10-24 03:08:43

I will saying like any brothel sim its entertaining at first then slowly dwindles over time like ones reputation in the game. Still it was a fun experience and I look forward to updates :)

Review by Quez
Version reviewed: 0.3.07 on 2015-10-23 05:50:42

To be blunt, this game is a mile wide and only a few inches deep. It tries to cover a staggering number of fetishes, appearances, and transformations, but it rarely covers them in much depth. It's great fun when you first start out, but the level of interaction is very limited and it gets boring, fast. This is the kind of game that patches almost daily, but it's generaly not worth checking it out more than once a week after some new content piles up.

Review by Azura
Version reviewed: on 2015-10-13 15:42:14

Definitely one of the best games up here. Suggestion: you could add an option for developing a romantic relation with one slave, which would end up in you releasing and marrying her :)

Review by amythist
Version reviewed: 0.2.10 on 2015-10-02 23:15:36

Pros: frequent updates, and good mechanics behind the various things

Cons: gets repetative very quickly

the game itself is good and is a fun fantasy to play out, but in practice it's not very deep, if you want to make your ideal sex slave this is the game for you but if you were looking for something deeper you will need to look elsewhere

Review by kiutbmg
Version reviewed: 0.2.09 on 2015-10-02 09:24:07

played this game for a while now. many version,, love it!

but the latest version has a few things i dislike, first is the balls things,m or rather the lack of balls effect and how it act like female hormones,, causing slaves to loose muscles ,cock size and such. and also how it can cause female endowment to grow,, causing the loss of girlish figure for exemple.

Review by neeners
Version reviewed: 0.2.09 on 2015-10-02 01:01:40

Wonderful slave game with on-going updates. A real winner. Thank you for your work.

Review by cgiAlexis
Version reviewed: 0.2.07 on 2015-09-30 17:56:39

The potential in just the base framework of the game is palpable.

And the splash of city planning and cyberpunk reminds me of some of the greatest games of the 90's and other eras.

I'm looking forward to the completion of the base project, but really you could imagine this spreading out to maybe be like Sim City 2000 Network Edition :)

Review by HouseofCards
Version reviewed: 0.2.04 on 2015-09-27 11:27:26

A great slave-manager game. It manages to deliver a satisfying experience whilst not being too overcomplicated or requiring complete micromanagement of each and every slave by the player. The game can be a bit overwhelming once you eventually have a large number of slaves, though. How well you do in a game pretty much comes down to the player's skill level and knowledge of the game. It is also great to have "upgrades" to your building too. The author has incorporated some random events that allow you to manage in other areas, IE., you get to control military, fight enemies and other really neat features. If you fail, though, you will succumb to the arm of the enemy. Game overs do exist in this game, of course, but they are typically induced by a player's incompetence.

It takes a bit of familiarization of the layout to eventually get accustomed to it, but once you understand most of the layout, it becomes an much more enriching experience. There is a lot of attention to detail also in this game, mostly due to the amazing level of dedication to this game on the author's part. The game is definitely far from finished, as I noticed after about 30 weeks in-game the content started to repeat itself. This is not to say that there is not a wealth of content available already,though. Updates are pushed out daily by the author, it seems, so this problem will probably no doubt be fixed in due time.

Overall, I'd say give it a go. It's already better than most games on this site.


Review by giantsfball
Version reviewed: 0.2.02 on 2015-09-24 22:38:20

This game is overflowing with potential, mainly because of the obvious dedication on the author's part.  Hopefully pictures and some sort of story(or several that aren't the main focus of the game) are added eventually.  The rapid pace of development is unrivaled and I look forward to where this game is going!  Will look into donating/will donate in the future.

Review by Kahaan
Version reviewed: 0.2 on 2015-09-23 09:26:09

The game is entertaining and well put together.

However, as I found it difficult to deliver a bug report on the blog, I will do so here.

In this version there will occasionally appear a phantom slave named $slaves[$i].slaveName. Any interaction with this slave will blank out the currency, selling the slave will zero out the currency, which is very annoying when your bank account has hundreds of thousands.

Additionally, perhaps more building upgrades could help.

Review by sathirran
Version reviewed: 0.1.09 on 2015-09-22 14:17:22

I have mixed feelings about this game.

On one hand, it has a number of very interesting options for managing the slaves. The creator clearly put a lot of work into the mechanics, and it has a lot of potential there.

On the other, as an erotic game it leaves much to be desired. It makes me feel like a mother, sending her children out to play while I stay at home and balance the books. Of course there are some scenes written that are more explicit, and basically sex on demand with any of the slaves, but they don't really do it for me.

Overall, I would say that I like the game. There just isn't any reason to play. No sense of accomplishment

Review by Pill0w
Version reviewed: 0.1.09 on 2015-09-22 05:40:49

This game is amazing.

I love how there are all kinds of details in there already, lilke when a slave has big lips, her speech is different.

And the remote surgery is right up my alley. I feel like there's place for a bit more random story events though.

The one-handed mode for games like this is great for people who are less interested in story, genius idea.

I look forward to see where you'll take this game next!

Review by wildbill6976
Version reviewed: 0.1.09 on 2015-09-22 02:58:14

Excellent game so far.  A more practical approach to the sim-brothel genre;  not overly confusing and too focused on a single theme like many similar games,  which in turn allows for practically unlimited content fill in for future updates.  Looking forward to how it progresses.

Review by veriseple
Version reviewed: 0.1.08 on 2015-09-21 03:48:48

Very Nice Game, early stages but the creator is doing regular updates fixing bugs while adding small doses of new content.  Its easy enough to make it so long as you don't overextend your reach and try and take on too many slaves too quick.  Took me a bit to figure out how to build reputation but once I did I'm amazed I didn't realize it sooner.  Can't wait to see what more this game will bring.

Review by Nova25
Version reviewed: 0.1.08 on 2015-09-20 21:57:20

I'm... reeeeeally confused by this game.


I tried playing it, I think it has good things in it... possibly... I saw a few, but the rest seems to be ''hidding''. Or, I'm doing something very wrong.


Click, click, Wealthy, and... minimalistic screen with 'some' text and 'some' buttons.

From what I hear below, there are TONS of options and stuff, but I ''found'' very few, so far. Also, they are all easily making money like crazy... I go in the negative in a handful of turns, especially if I click on 'Rules Assistant', which triples the upkeep.


The large amount of random colors in the middle makes it hard to know what CAN be clicked on, when you first open the game... and I still wonder 15min later.


So... 'I' had a confusing experience, not necessarily bad, but it still clearly need work on the ''accessibility'' front.

Review by lanfearxx
Version reviewed: 0.1.07 on 2015-09-20 20:05:34

This has quickly become one of the few games that I constantly check for updates. The only downside is I get to powerful to easily but addicting none the less

Review by Coper
Version reviewed: 0.1.06 on 2015-09-19 11:04:01

Great start - like that your quick at removing bugs.

See great potential.

Review by soap1
Version reviewed: 0.1.04 on 2015-09-17 22:28:14

I'll be honest its like slave farm sim, you start out with a few choices on what you want to begin your life.. You then start by whoring out your slaves and aquire money to buy new slaves.. once you get to this point there is alot of rinse and repate, select slave settings for the week and repeate to earn money and get more slaves. From what I see the only actual story is at the start of the game explaining the setting other then that its just typcal sex, deciding what to do with your slaves.

It is interesting to say the least, but could do with more story events which may come in an update.


If you like building a slave empire you will like this game there is a CRAP TON of Choices. 


Review by Slarkki
Version reviewed: 0.1.04 on 2015-09-17 13:50:42

Surprisingly enjoyable for a pure text game. I wasn't that interested at first but after a couple of minutes of testing things the game suddenly appeared to have plenty of appeal. Overall most things have too narrow or limited impacts in my opinion but I assume these elements will get layers of polish in time. There are many things that essentially do the same thing and some of the current *depth* is somewhat illusionary. In any event this is a promising venture.

One aspect is annoying though and it has to do with shemales. If you opt for more shemales in the beginning you are stuck with that option and later on when you get to buy *mothers with their daughters* then all the mothers were born male and are indeed sterile. That makes me cringe every time.

Review by mjsmagalhaes
Version reviewed: 0.1.04 on 2015-09-17 12:38:49

Quite interesting game!

It is indeed buggy but i see a lot of potential in it.

Nice work.

Review by DAZTFG
Version reviewed: 0.1.04 on 2015-09-17 09:10:17

This is good

im just reviewing to inform you I got one of those random bad named slaves twice in a row  after getting  and event for having 4 devoted slaves and  going to the  party or whatever it is called


Review by AllTheNamesAreTaken
Version reviewed: 0.1.04 on 2015-09-17 06:57:11

A great game. Already very playable as it is. Can't wait for more !

Review by haarkanon
Version reviewed: 0.1.04 on 2015-09-17 02:33:02

Many possibilties, changes you can give to your slaves, both physical and psychological. Very descriptive, too. I haven't explore half of the game, but it's great already, well written enough, and many things to do to your slaves.

Review by FCauthor
Version reviewed: 0.1.03 on 2015-09-16 23:36:21

@Jade, "Will it ever be a option for the player to be female?"

No, it will not. I would love to have this as an option, but this would require adding literally hundreds of alternative versions of scenes. Most scenes you see already have many, many small changes based on the slave who the PC is interacting with; making the PC customizable as well would make this take more time than I have.

And in general, if you'd like an answer to a question, either PM me here or leave a comment on my blog. There isn't a good way for me to reply to you without self-reviewing like this, which is pretty far from ideal.

Review by Jade
Version reviewed: 0.1.03 on 2015-09-16 21:54:34

I really love this game, its alot of fun but just one question. Will it ever be a option for the player to be female?

Review by Mekanus
Version reviewed: 0.1.03 on 2015-09-16 16:29:02

I LOVE this game!

Such an amount of customization and so much potential...

Please, don't stop working on this, and consider opening a patreon page...

Review by CappyAnon
Version reviewed: 0.1.03 on 2015-09-16 07:29:21

Seems neat, the functions and things all seem pretty great and in some cases more customizable and varied than the games you claim inspiration from. I do have a few complaints though, the GUI is messily cluttered forcing the player to swap back and forth a bit more than what would be most efficient, and there's no action or time limit constraint on fucking or messing around with your slaves, which is great in theory but ultimately a bit immersion breaking and depending on how much of an effect it has, a tad broken.

Fantastic for an early version, hope to see some of the themes ironed out further in the future (Especially feminization). All around great for an alpha.

Review by bamboozlr
Version reviewed: 0.1.03 on 2015-09-16 01:03:18

Damn, this is good. This will distract me from updating my own game ;)

Honestly, you say that it would be very buggy, but I can't confirm that. I haven't had a single problem in a good hour of playing. Gotta go back to my Asian ladyboy harem though, thank you for this game!